We have been Working with DeFabulous “DF” Produts in our Salon & really enjoy it very much!! tools very great performances, liquid tools !! was Fabulous !!! & of course the “New” acais oil Aromatherapy!!!is Excellent!!!!
Daniel Rizzardi (vidal Sassoon Apprentice) Secrets Salon
The name says it all – “De Fabulous” these tools held up to the harshest conditions and environments traveling on the road with me and my crew. As a platform artist I also LOVE the cord disconnect which allows me to fire up multiple tools with one cord instead of having like 10 – the heat retention is superior also as I often have the girls pull one off onstage for me – unplugged and I can rip through the models hair quickly. The “Fiery” packaging has made it stand out on the shelves in the salon drawing immediately attention and creating hype and sales which as a Salon owner ALWAYS counts.
Bradgraham Xtreme demands xtreme products and the DF line have delivered…. Thanks for the products to produce the Power.
Brad Graham (Brad Graham Xtreme Intl') Platform Artists, Toronto, Canada
De Fabulous tools are the best tools I have used. The tools are ingenious because the creator of De Fabulous thought about everything professional needs in hair tools. I especially love the digital LCD temperature display and the fact that the cord is detachable from the unit. Heating is a cinch and the ceramic blades are as smooth as silk. Whether you are a professional or the average consumer these tools are a must have!”
Katie B (Lead Playboy Makeup Artist & Hair Stylist), Los Angeles
I used the De Fabulous combs at the American Beauty Show in Chicago IL. and found that it was better than any other on the market. I frequently use the De Fabulous combs to protect the scalp from deep point cutting and they did not chip or get cut by my shears. They also with stood the heat of my 450F flat iron.
Jason Schwind (Graham Webb Platform Artist) www.helmetstudios.com
I am absolutely impressed with the quality of the tools! Being constantly on the road doing seminars every little bit helps, as I have to bring all my tools with me at all times. De fabulous tools are light weight, which means I have a lighter luggage to carry around and I can utilize one cord for all of their tools! Love the digital LCD temp. display that I can adjust to every type of hair. It heats up super fast & with great heat retention. I can even step away from the wall and put finishing touches on the hair away from the plugs. Ceramic blades on the hot iron leave hair silky & shiny, and a clipless curling iron creates beautiful curls in seconds without using much products at all! I feel like De Fabulous Tools were created for my hands in mind.
Natalia Cohen Artistic Director
I just tested some of the most fantastic tools by De Fabulous. They are curling irons and a flat iron the have a interchangeable plug. The flat iron is the best I have used yet. It heated up in like 2 seconds. Has a great heating control, very easy to use. The iron made the hair so soft and shiny. This is a must have for any hairstylist. I used the curling iron on my last photo shoot and WOW gave the best holding curl. I have had in the past to open my spring on my old curling irons to create a spiral curl. With this curling bar I just wrapped it around the hair and a perfect Spiral curl that lasted longer and tighter. Loved it! THESE TOOLS ARE DE FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Amy Freudenberg National Educator
By using the DF Keratin treatment, it has made my clients hair more manageable and a lot healthier. My clientele has also increased. Thank you!
Styles of Essence Beauty Salon, FL
My students love these products. I personally use the volumizer cream and it’s awesome for me as I have really fin e hair. I watch the classes sometime and the results are amazing!
Academy of Pam Beach, FL
The De Fabulous line entails great products. My clients are very particular and a favorite of theirs is the Safegaurd. It’s not too heavy, but moistens and protects color. Leaves hair in great condition. I would recommend anytime.
Killian 5 Salon, GA
My clients love the De Fabulous products especially the ginger shampoo and cond. It volumizes and cleanses so well. The Get closer is another favorite, works wonders for dandruff.
Gina Dura MX
De Fabulous, is a very competitive line. Your shampoos and conditioners are amazing. The Reviver series repairs the hair where you can see instant results. Clients with dandruff can not get enough of the Get Closer line. Keep up the good work!
Dorothy Strictly, FL
Loves smell, stays in the hair throughout the day, more importantly hair stays clean. Its great quality products.
Jennifer Williams, IL

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