Kerafusion + Acai 24 Hour

  • Kerafusion + Acai 24 Hour

The most convenient Keratin treatment comes in the form of Kerafusion with Acai Berry extracts.
Kerafusion + Acai 24 hour can be easily washed out after just one day. Acai Berry extracts, Wheat Germ oil and Olive fruit oil leave the hair nourished and healthy, while the unique combination of Keratin, Shea butter, Chestnut extract, Vitamin A for manageability and Vitamin E for wellness deliver strength and shine like no other!

Retexturize with De Fabulous:
Kerafusion Keratin Treatment delivers the ultimate in affordable luxury: two Keratin treatments designed to deliver the superiority you expect at a price you can appreciate.
Kerafusion eliminates 95 percent of frizz and revitalizes and rejuvenates hair by infusing a combination of Keratin, minerals, oils and extracts deep into the hair’s cuticle. Kerafusion is bonded to the hair and activated with the heat of a blow dryer and flat iron.

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