KeraFusion Keratin Treatment Q&A

Can the Kerafusion treatment be applied over any other straightening system or relaxer?

Yes, it is 100% safe.

Is the Kerafusion treatment a type of relaxer?

No. Kerafusion does not act as a relaxer. It restructures damaged hair from the outside-in by eliminating frizz and out of control curls. It leaves the most porous hair silky, shiny and healthy.

Can Kerafusion be applied after coloring or highlighting hair?

Yes. We recommend applying the treatment after coloring for bestresults. Kerafusion works as a great supplement for lost proteins in hair due to hair coloring.

Can Kerafusion be applied to virgin hair?

Yes. However, the treatment lasts longer on chemically treated hair.

Can the treatment be applied on children, if yes, what ages?

Yes. We recommend on children 12 years and over.

How long after applying Kerafusion treatment should I use color?

After the first wash, it is safe to apply color.

How long should Kerafusion stay on hair before washing it?

It can be washed out after 24 or 72 hours.

What should a client do if their hair gets wet within the first 24 or 72 hours?

Blow dry and flat iron immediately. There should be no swimming within 24 or 72 hours of the treatment.

How long will the Kerafusion treatment last?

Kerafusion lasts about 2 months on virgin hair and up to 4 months on chemically treated hair.

What shampoo is best to use after the service of Kerafusion treatment?

We strongly recommend using De Fabulous SULFATE FREE shampoo because sulfates can strip away the treatment.

On the next scheduled visit, should a client just get a touch up?

On a client’s next visit, Kerafusion should be applied to the whole head.

Can the Kerafusion treatment be done every month?

It can be done, but is not necessary until the treatment wears off.

Can I use any hair products on my hair during the first 24 or 72 hours?

The only product we recommend using before the first wash is De Fabulous Acai Oil used to smooth out flyaways.

If creases or bends occur in hair during the first 24 or 72 hours what should the client do?

We recommend using a flat iron any time the hair is not completely straight until the first wash.

Can Kerafusion treatment be done while being pregnant or nursing? Can infants be present while the Kerafusion treatment is being applied?

Not while pregnant or nursing. Infants should not be present during treatment.

Is 450 F heat the proper temperature to use while flat ironing after the application of Kerafusion?

We only recommend a maximum temperature of 410 F because anything hotter will overheat and undo any repairs Kerafusion has just made to the hair.

Is it OK to swim in the ocean or in a pool after the treatment?

It is OK to swim in the ocean or a pool; however, the harshness of the salt water and chlorine water will eventually strip away the treatment faster than it would normally wear off.

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